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Pono   Pono

Pono is a Hawaiian word.

Everything on earth is what it should be.

A well-balanced state where things, the natural environment, relationships, mental states, and health are just right. I want to balance my mind and body, listen to my mind and body, and take good care of myself.

If I lived for myself, it would be for someone and for society ...

I named it "Pono" because of my desire that such a way of life is ideal.

The Pono logo illustration was created with the motif of a lei (a decoration worn around the neck when sightseeing in Hawaii), which is a combination of a Hawaiian flower called Pikake and a Hawaiian plant called Maile .

Ray is a word given as a symbol of love ​.

The flower language of Pikake is "love" -a typical Hawaiian flower that brides wear.

Maile's words are "bonds, peace" -a typical leaf that the groom puts on in the sense of marriage.

The image of Pikake is like the heart and the image of Maile is like the body.

Representing a strong connection between the mind and body, so that the balance between the two can be maintained in Pono's state ...  

With that in mind, I worked on creating the logo.

My hobby, hula, keeps my mind and body in balance.

​ Wake up comfortably in the morning, drink a glass of water, open windows, feel the outside air, feel the sound ...

Everything has a lovely and calm timeline.

Thank you for the blessings of nature, listen to your inner self, and do what you can do now ...

We hope that the natural richness of Gifu, where we were born and raised, and the good old traditions can be connected to the new era and future.

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Kikukawa​ Maya
June 19, 2020

1.  Business related to model training, management and casting

2.  Video / audio / text information system work

3.  Operation of lesson studio

4.  Advertising agency

5.  Mail-order business and various information provision services using the Internet, etc.

6.  Planning, planning, production, management and consulting services for various educational projects such as events, workshops and workshops for companies and individuals.

7.  Wholesale of textiles, clothing, etc.

8.  Management of relaxation salon

9.  Cosmetics, daily necessities, health foods and other wholesale businesses

10. All business incidental to the preceding items

The photos posted on this website are for the purpose of introducing the model and our company .

If you find any inconvenience, we will delete or change it. We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us.

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