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162cm  B:80  W:62  H:88  Shoes:24.5  ピアスなし  

生年月日: 1992年1月6日 岐阜県出身

​血液型: O型

趣味: フラダンス、音楽、自然、裁縫、着付け

​特技: 表現、作品撮り

​​資格: 介護福祉、美容師免許、普通自動車免許

“ My  Job      Me ”









​ Maya Kikukawa

162cm  B : 80  W : 62  H : 88_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b - 136bad5cf58d_ -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ No piercing 

Date of Birth:   January 6, 1992 Born in Gifu Prefecture

​ Blood type: O type

Hobbies: Hula, music, nature, sewing, dressing

​Special skill: Expression, work shooting

​ Qualifications : Long-term care welfare, beautician license, ordinary car license

“My  Job      Me”

I want to challenge everything that "Maya Kikukawa" can do.

Instead of being categorized as a model, artist, manager, influencer, or anything else, I want to reflect all the experiences, perspectives, and ideas I have lived in my work and express them in a fine and supple manner.

You can warm yourself quietly by putting yourself in a magnificent natural environment. Focusing on the global environment, traditions, and history from that experience , we are actively engaged in garbage picking activities to protect the environment.

In a situation that changes from day to day, I prepare my mind and body so that I can feel comfortable and be myself, and I value the effort and effort to live close to nature.

I am particularly good at natural models and healthy models, and I would like to energetically challenge brand advertising that considers the global environment.

In addition to modeling, we are also active in various fields such as video, audio, writing, management, and social contribution activities.

Please feel free to contact us for requests for coverage, advertisements, filming, etc.

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